Chiropractic Care For Addictions

Pain is an unavoidable part of life, but some problems entail pain that pushes people past their breaking point. When the pain gets too severe, most patients assume that medicine is their only solution. This belief is reinforced by doctors who have been taught in medical school to perceive medicine as the only solution for nearly all issues. Unfortunately, there are severe side effects associated with pain medications, and most medications only mask an underlying pain problem.


Worst of all, many patients who end up on painkillers become addicted to these substances. Addictions to painkillers are so severe that many people who become addicted to painkillers are tragically unable to survive their addiction.

Consequently, patients should consider alternatives to drug-based treatments that are available. Chiropractic care is one of the best options available to help patients with addiction manage their pain in a way that can keep them off harmful substances.

Problems With Medicinal Pain Management

Medicines have long been used to treat pain problems, and they can be effective in some instances. Medicines are especially helpful when patients experience pain for only a few days at a time.

However, when patients have chronic pain, medicines can lead to severe health problems. Worst of all, patients who take painkillers for an extended period become addicted to these substances.

Therefore, even if the pain subsides, patients will often want to continue taking their painkillers. Doctors have a hard time knowing whether patients are being honest about their pain problems, so they will often continue writing prescriptions for patients who have become addicted.

The opioid epidemic has demonstrated how drug companies have been able to influence doctors and the medical research community to recommend taking painkillers beyond the necessary point.

According to the Centers For Disease Control (CDC), there were 49,860 deaths from opioid overdoses alone in 2019. Other painkillers cause additional deaths on an annual basis.

Although major providers behind the opioid epidemic, such as Purdue Pharma, have declared bankruptcy, the reality is that similar products remain on the market. Many of these products are made from opium. Unfortunately, opium is one of the most addictive substances known to man.

The problems associated with medicinal solutions to chronic pain mean that patients need to search for alternatives. Finding other treatment options is especially important for patients who have experienced issues with uncontrollable addictions in the past.

Using Chiropractic Treatment for Addiction Recovery

When most people think about going to a chiropractic treatment center, they think about people with back problems or athletes who rely on chiropractic care for injuries. In reality, recovery with chiropractic care is possible when dealing with almost any pain problem.

Chiropractors can address pain in almost any area of the body and provide patients with soothing comfort. When patients can mitigate pain problems without using medications, they can overcome one of the fundamental reasons why people stay addicted to painkillers.

Once patients start to rely on chiropractic care for their pain problems, they naturally start seeking out addiction recovery solutions. After all, there is no further reason to take medications that are not addressing any medical issues.

It is important to keep in mind that nearly everyone does not desire to become a drug addict. Few ordinary people seek out the “highs” that opioids can provide. Instead, most people who are addicted to painkillers truly want to get clean, but they perceive rehab as a dangerous option that could leave them facing unmedicated chronic pain.

Consequently, chiropractic care is the ideal option for patients struggling with chronic pain. When chiropractic care is used regularly, patients can make their pain manageable.

In the process of pursuing chiropractic solutions as an alternative to drug-based pain management, patients also usually begin to search for other non-medicinal solutions. As a result, the process of seeking out chiropractic care encourages addiction recovery and a healthy lifestyle.

Understanding Chiropractic Care

One of the main reasons why patients do not rely on chiropractic care as much as they should is because there are widespread misunderstandings about what chiropractors do. Chiropractic care has been proven to be effective and is fully accepted by the medical community.

Another common mistaken belief is that chiropractic care only aims to address back pain. In reality, since the spine is the root of the nerves leading to the brain, the spine is the point that can be used to stop nearly any pain from reaching the brain.

Some people also incorrectly believe that chiropractic care is painful. It is important to understand that chiropractic care is used because it relieves chronic pain. Although some treatments may entail momentary discomfort, this pain is significantly less than the chronic pain patients have to experience daily.

Also, needles are not used with most chiropractic treatments. Although chiropractors do use needles to reach deep areas of the body for acupuncture care, most treatments involve spinal corrections, stretches, and massage therapy. When needles are used, they offer targeted pain relief that greatly outweighs the pain patients are experiencing.

Overall, recovery with chiropractic techniques is highly effective. Most importantly, relying on a chiropractic treatment center enables patients to avoid using harmful substances. Chiropractic treatments entail almost no side effects, and they avoid the permanent health problems that pain medications can cause

Medical Benefits of Chiropractic Treatment

The main medical benefit that chiropractic treatments offer for patients vulnerable to addictions is the ability to resolve pain in a way that avoids the use of harmful substances. Very few people can resist becoming addicted to painkillers, so chiropractic care is an important option for staying healthy.

Chiropractic care also offers benefits that are uniquely helpful for patients who are vulnerable to addictions. Chiropractic care is regarded as a holistic treatment because it addresses the full range of issues that lead to drug addictions. Therefore, patients can enjoy a better quality of life when they depend on their chiropractor.

Patients who are vulnerable to addictions should understand that techniques used by chiropractors can bring them comfort throughout their bodies. For instance, spinal manipulation helps to align the entire body in ways that relieve pain while also leading to a greater sense of satisfaction. Many patients who do not have any pain problems often use chiropractic services to feel a sense of well-being.

Chiropractic treatments also release endorphins that make patients feel happy and satisfied. These endorphins are the same chemicals that make people feel happy when they laugh or work out. As a result, patients can immediately experience an improved mood without needing to turn to harmful substances.

When patients can get a rush of endorphins from chiropractic treatments, they can find a healthy substitute for the “highs” hard drugs offer. Therefore, patients can get addicted to chiropractic treatments rather than getting addicted to illicit drugs.

Relying on Holistic Care for Drug Addictions

If you are struggling with an addiction to painkillers, you should understand that there are solutions available to help you recover successfully.

In the past, the medical community often overemphasized the importance of getting off harmful substances. Patients who are addicted to painkillers indeed need to quit as soon as possible, but the medical community now acknowledges that it is unrealistic to expect a patient to risk losing their pain medications by seeking help. As a result, modern holistic care aims to first show patients that viable alternatives to painkillers exist before asking them to quit.

If you seek help, it is important to be honest about the reasons why you are having a hard time quitting. Some patients continue to be addicted to painkillers after their pain problems have already subsided. Patients who become dependent on painkillers may need drug rehab treatments that are similar to what recreational users are given.


Chiropractic Therapy

In other cases, patients may have fears about quitting. Addiction recovery professionals can teach patients about alternative available treatment options.

For instance, many patients struggling with pain can cope with their problems when they are given education and therapy that aims to teach them how to psychologically deal with pain. Many patients turn to substances because they are terrified of pain, but their problems are often ultimately irrational phobias that can be addressed with the help of a caring treatment provider.

Patients should generally start by sitting down with an experienced treatment provider to understand what their options are. Some treatment providers will send a patient for a psychological evaluation to understand the root cause of their addiction problems.

Patients will then be told what can be done to resolve their problems. In some cases, patients will resist receiving the treatments that are offered. Interventions may then be needed to get a patient to acknowledge that they have a problem and that treatment is necessary to make a full recovery.

Once patients start their treatment, it is often necessary to start with detox. Most detox programs require patients to stay at a dedicated care facility so that their physiological health can be managed. Throughout the detox process, patients are usually given education about strategies for overcoming their addiction while also receiving group therapy that involves the assistance of both trained professionals and other patients who are struggling with similar addictions.

Get Help With Your Addiction

Miracles Recovery Center helps patients struggling with addictions to drugs and alcohol to return to living a normal life. We offer Intensive Outpatient and Partial Hospitalization Programs (PHP) in Port Saint Lucie, FL, that allows people to receive inpatient care while still having the time to go to work during the day.

Miracles Recovery Center also has an intensive outpatient program that helps patients to overcome an addiction without requiring continuous supervision. With the integrated approach that Miracles Recovery Center takes to apply a wide range of therapeutic modalities, patients can receive treatment solutions that match their lifestyles. Contact us to learn more about the treatment solutions that we offer.

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