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When you or a loved one is facing addiction, seeking out a trusted, proven treatment center is the first step in the recovery process.

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When you or a loved one is facing addiction, seeking out a trusted, proven treatment center is the first step in the recovery process. For those who live in Florida or are looking for treatment there, drug and alcohol rehabilitation is right around the corner at Miracle Recovery Center. Finding a place to go that can help you or someone you love who is seeking treatment for addiction will help you take the first steps toward regaining your life back.


Where to Find Help in Florida

Getting the help you need to start the recovery process is key to finding long-term success and living a healthy, substance-free life. The professionals at Miracles Recovery Center are ready to help you or someone you love with addiction treatment services with their rehab centers located in the Port St. Lucie area of Florida. Miracles rehab centers that can assist you or your loved one through the recovery process are available in Port St. Lucie, Fort Pierce, Stuart and Palm City, Florida. Miracles Recovery Centers are equipped to provide a wide complement of addiction recovery services and therapies to treat those who need help. The Miracles Recovery Center in Port St. Lucie offers:

  • Treatment for alcohol, benzodiazepines, cocaine, dual diagnosis, heroin and prescription drugs
  • Partial Hospitalization Programs, Outpatient Programs and Intensive Outpatient Programs (IOPs)
  • Group therapies, individual therapies, Cognitive-Behavioral Therapy (CBT), Dialectical Behavioral Therapy (DBT), life skills therapy, trauma counseling and holistic therapy options
  • 12-Step and Family meetings: Open and Closed AA, Big Book Study, Behavior-Based meetings, Beginner AA, and Family meetings

Finding an Addiction Treatment Center in Florida

Finding a treatment center that focuses on helping those struggling with addiction can be a challenge, but drug and alcohol rehab centers in Florida are ready to help anyone who wants to take the first step toward recovery. If you are searching for someone to help you or a loved one start the recovery process, the first step is speaking to someone you trust, a family member or your medical or mental health professional. Drug and alcohol rehab centers in Florida like Miracles Recovery Center can be found by searching online for “addiction treatment centers in Port St. Lucie” or “drug and alcohol rehab in Port St. Lucie.”

It is important to take the first step and search for a treatment center that can help you or someone who is struggling with addiction. You don’t have to do it alone. The addiction specialists at Miracles can provide the tools and support for the ones who are struggling as well as their family members to fight through to wellness but reaching out to an addiction treatment center will help provide guidance on the road back to mental and physical health.

Finding the Right Treatment Option

Those seeking addiction treatment, along with medical and mental health support, may be treated in a number of different ways depending on each patient’s unique situation.

Partial Hospitalization Programs (PHPs) provide daytime treatment for clients who will continue to live life in their own homes or an approved sober-living environment. Most attendees in a Miracles PHP have already completed an intensive residential treatment program or PHP. This treatment option allows clients to maintain a safe living situation while still receiving the critical therapies they need during the day. Without the disruption of a fully in-patient program, PHPs help clients who need to build and maintain a strong support system while they move through the recovery process as well as helping clients to prevent relapse during or after treatment. A PHP client may be treated during Individual Psychotherapy sessions to learn coping strategies; attend Group Therapy sessions to build a community while learning from a licensed mental health professional; take part in Family Therapy to help build communication and foster a healthy environment in the future; partake in various Holistic Therapies; and go to Aftercare sessions to learn about life after treatment.

Intensive Outpatient Programs (IOPs) are ideal for those who have already completed a detoxification treatment and want to continue to maintain their daily commitments outside of their treatment requirements. Clients can live at home or in a sober-living environment as well as keep up with their school, job and family obligations. Day IOPs allow clients to attend therapy and treatments during the daytime while Night IOPs allow clients to attend meetings and therapy sessions during the evening hours. An IOP at Miracles includes three to five therapy sessions a week totaling 12 hours of group sessions and at least one individual session. Attendance at an outside 12-step program is also encouraged.

Outpatient Programs (OPs) are for those struggling with mild cases of substance abuse disorder and provide a lower level of care for clients. An OP at Miracles takes between three months and a year of attendance at 10-12 hours of therapy sessions per week. Clients can maintain their regular life commitments while participating in life-changing support and services that include group and individual therapy sessions that are focused on CBT to assist in making changes in the addict’s thinking that will translate into improved life choices that will positively impact recovery and life-long health and wellness afterward.

Recovery Support

Finding and attending a substance abuse treatment is just the beginning of changing your life. Miracles Recovery Center supports clients before, during and after the treatment process by providing recovery support for the client and their families. When the daily or weekly addiction treatment needs wind down, the need for real-life coping skills is just beginning. Clients can take part in a variety of activities that will provide continued support as they live sober, healthier lives when targeted treatment concludes.

  • Group therapies can provide ongoing support for those completing PHP, IOP or OP treatment.
  • 12-step programs are an essential part of integrating back into regular life once treatment is over as they provide a supportive community led by a professional who can help give feedback, answer questions and give guidance during this transition and throughout the rest of your life.
  • Family and individual therapies can be continued after formal treatment has ended so clients and their loved ones can continue to feel supported.

Navigating Insurance Coverage

For those seeking addiction treatment services, the cost may be a concern. But many insurance providers offer no or low-cost program coverage options, especially when a client has a history of mental health concerns. But treatment coverage varies widely with insurance providers since each client requires a unique combination of treatments to best support their addiction recovery. The best way to know what your insurance will cover is to contact them directly for coverage information. If you are enrolled in Medicare or Medicaid, you may be able to receive partial treatment coverage as well, and those with both private insurance and governmental coverage may have the best opportunity to receive low or no-cost care. Clients with Medicare or Medicaid should check with their providers for details on what types of coverage they may be entitled to when considering their treatment and recovery options.

Miracle Recovery Center Can Help

Finding and securing a treatment center in Florida to help you with your addiction is the first step in your recovery process. The professionals at Miracles Recovery Center are ready to speak to you and help you or someone you love begin the life-saving drug or alcohol treatment needed for a healthy life. If you are ready to reach out to a professional immediately, contact a professional at Miracles to seek more information 24 hours a day by calling Miracles Recovery Center.


Miracles Recovery Center

When considering if a Partial Hospitalization Program is the correct treatment option for you, here are important questions to take into consideration:

  • - Do you have a safe home environment?
  • - Are you at a level of drug or alcohol use that would be suited best for an inpatient level of care?

If you are wondering if these apply to you contact Miracles Recovery Center to talk to one of our professionals about your particular situation.

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