Group Therapy

As human beings, being social is in our nature. Regardless if a person is outgoing or shy, we tend to gravitate towards atmosphere surrounded by groups of people, as a form of support, and a sense of belonging .

When we congregate we feel a part of something bigger than ourselves. Although, this is exactly the opposite of how an individual feels when they are actively abusing drugs and/or alcohol. 

You are not alone! Miracles Recovery Center’s Group Therapy program can help you recover from addiction, by utilizing the support of others who are struggling from similar experiences. 


Master Level Clinician

3-5 times a week 3 sessions per day

1 hour per group

Group Therapy Program

It provides many benefits to the individual suffering from substance use disorder and co-occurring disorders.

What Happens in A Group Therapy Program?

During the course of recovery, people with substance abuse will discover that they are not alone. There are millions of people suffering too, whether their situation is similar or different.

This is why group therapy for addiction is so important. Group therapy is a form of counseling, that group therapy programutilizes support and personal interaction with people who have similar experiences with addiction and mental illness, to help each other process, cope, and grow. Group therapy has been shown to be very successful in treating addiction, due to its many different benefits including: 

  • Reducing isolation
  • Seeing others recover and knowing that it can be done
  • Reduces symptoms of mental conditions such as depression and anxiety
  • Helps to reduce stigma surrounding addiction and mental health recovery (feelings of shame, guilt, fear, and discrimination)
  • Creates bonds and friendships that lead to long-lasting recovery

These are the qualities that come to light and bring an individual into the culture of recovery from addiction. To determine if you or a loved one is a candidate for group therapy, our team here at Miracles can help. Contact us today!


Experience in Groups Creates How We Interpret the World All Throughout Our Lives.

When we are young we look for groups to support us and these can be of a large variety of types. Including influenced by social, family, cultural, religious groups that consistently develop how we interact and behave in a group setting. These experiences shape how we perceive ourselves in self-image and behavior. This can be for better or worse.

Groups in general help support individuals when things get tough. Life has moments of pain and trouble, and being in group therapy can help people have the right resources to be able to cope with their conditions effectively, while also learning constructive ways to grow throughout their journey to recovery. 

Support and Connection Are The Antithesis of Addiction.

Group therapy in an addiction treatment atmosphere is one of the most productive ways to grow and recover from addiction. Affirmation from a group showing that the individual is making positive progress is a great motivator in an individual’s perception of themselves.

The affiliation with others that are in the same situation and working their way out of it develops a sense of comradery. Even confrontation in a verbal sense when the individual is not living up to the expected life they dream of having has a positive effect though holding the person accountable for their actions.

This creates strong bonds for the individuals in the groups and helps motivate them to stay in treatment longer. The longer someone stays in treatment, the stronger the chance of long-term recovery, and prevention of relapse.

Support and connection are the keys to a successful outcome. Everyone and their situations are unique, but someone realizing that they’re not alone truly will make all the difference in their perception of treatment and recovery. 

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