Individual Therapy

When you start at Miracles Recovery Center for alcohol or drug addiction IOP treatment, you will be placed with a master level clinician who will work with you on your treatment plan. They will help the individual with searching out the deeper rooted co-occurring disorders if they may present themselves and then how to use tools that are learned to cope with these situations. 

1 on 1

Master Level Clinician

at least once a week

1 hour

Individual Addiction Therapy 

It provides many benefits to the individual suffering from substance use disorder and co-occurring disorders.

What Happens in Individual Therapy 

 During individual therapy, known as individual psychotherapy,  individuals will meet with a master level licensed therapist at least once a week for 60 minutes. In these sessions, people will discuss their innermost thoughts, feelings, and how they have affected their behavior and mood. 

With individual psychotherapy for mental health, all the attention focuses on the individual and their individual needs. Here at Miracles Recovery Center in Port St. Lucie, FL, we can help you with all your treatment needs.

While in an intensive outpatient program for addiction, we recommend at least 90 days of ongoing treatment. There is a reason this is recommended. Research has shown that 90 days is the minimum amount of time needed to achieve any noticeable long term results. The brain chemistry stabilizes, the body reaches homeostasis, and the individual is able to begin to make decisions that will not only better themselves, but their overall mental and physical health as well.  


Individual Therapy By Experts

At Miracles Recovery Center, we ensure the utilization of best practices by highly trained medical professionals and addiction specialists. The patient-centered care provided to our patients suffering from substance use disorders (SUDs), and/or mental illness, will always be of the highest-quality. 

Care and Compassion

The primary therapist on the case for individualized addiction therapy will be the one attending to the care and needs of an individual. We pride ourselves on being compassionate motivators, providing mentorship and support, while we cheer people on during their journeys to recovery, with the ultimate goal of helping them rebuild their lives free from addiction. 

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