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Miracles Recovery Center is a Drug and Alcohol Rehab in Port St Lucie, FL

Finding your path in recovery from addiction can be daunting. Miracles Recovery Center is a drug and alcohol rehab providing PHP and Intensive Outpatient Program levels of care in Port St Lucie, FL. We are here to guide you into the next part of your journey free from addiction. Our drug and alcohol addiction treatment center in South Florida wants you to be free from addiction to drugs and alcohol. Our South Florida PHP program and IOP program for drug and alcohol addiction is here to help you to become the individual you have always wanted to be. 

You are a Miracle. You are worth it.

Tony Gonzalez from Miracles Recovery Center | CEO

About Miracles Recovery Center Addiction Treatment in Port St Lucie, FL

Miracles Recovery Center’s drug and alcohol PHP program and Intensive Outpatient Program are the premier addiction treatment programs in Port Saint Lucie, FL. Miracles Recovery Center drug and alcohol rehab was started in 2019 by Tony Gonzalez. A very strong advocate for addiction recovery with a decade in the recovery from addiction himself. Tony saw the need for a PHP and IOP level of drug and alcohol addiction treatment in Port St Lucie, FL that is designed with life afterward in mind. There are many times the individual in addiction treatment will do well while in drug and alcohol rehab. Just to quickly fall off afterward when they are placed in the real world. At Miracles Recovery Center we want to help design a life that is too great to throw away.

We Treat Drug and Alcohol Addiction in Many Ways.

PHP and Intensive Outpatient Drug and Alcohol Addiction Treatment Program on the Treasure Coast.

Miracles Recovery Center located in amazing Port Saint Lucie, Fl has all the things you will want to do during your downtime. From offshore fishing to surfing. Great restaurants and activities. When you attend the PHP and IOP (Intensive Outpatient) at Miracles Recovery Center in South Florida, you will not only build a life free from drugs and alcohol, you will enjoy every other part of your journey also.

Drug and Alcohol Addiction Treatment Services

PHP for Addiction Treatment

5 days a week group addiction treatment sessions with individual therapy to customize the treatment to the person.

IOP or Intensive Outpatient Program for Addiction Treatment

3 to 5 days a week group addiction treatment sessions with individual therapy to customize the treatment to the person.

Outpatient Program Addiction Treatment

Like the Intensive Outpatient program with all the services. Just a little less of a time commitment. 


When is Miracles Recovery Center Open?

Monday through Friday we are open, but our hours vary.

You can contact us 24 hours a day 772-626-3050

What types of addiction treatment therapies are used in the IOP program?

Intensive Outpatient addiction therapy is key to the process of addiction recovery.

At Miracles Recovery Center in Port Saint Lucie, we understand that everyone’s path is different. We didn’t use drugs and alcohol the same way, why would we recover from drugs and alcohol the same way?

When Miracles Recovery Center is creating a comprehensive alcohol and drug addiction treatment program, we will include several types of addiction and behavioral therapy.  This will help those suffering from Substance Use Disorder to learn how to thrive in a world that has so long eluded them. Teaching life skills, interpersonal relationship guidance, tools to cope with stress, and much more. Out staff at Miracles Recovery Center is highly trained in helping our clients grow as well as heal from addiction.

Each individual has their own issues when it comes to treating addiction to drugs or alcohol. Miracles Recovery Center recognizes that and custom tailors each client’s treatment plan to match their personal needs.


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What type of addictions does Miracles Recovery Center treat?

Miracles Recovery Center in Port Saint Lucie, Fl treat all types of addictions in the Substance Use Disorder spectrum. This includes alcoholism and drug addiction and the co-occuring disorders that can sometimes appear such as depression and anxiety, as well as, bi-polar disorder.

When searching for a drug rehab in South Florida or and IOP in South Florida you should check to see if they can treat co-occuring disorders. Having a dual diagnosis facility such as Miracles Recovery Center greatly increases the success rate of sobriety for the individual in recovery from addiction. 



Miracles Recovery Center in Port Saint Lucie, FL is here to provide top-level care. Treating addiction to drugs and alcohol in a safe, understanding environment. We specialize in creating a place for the individual to feel understood. Everything Miracles Recovery Center uses is tested and trusted to work. Our staff loves the individuals that attend our PHP and IOP program in Florida like they are family.

What Our Successes Say


Miracles is all about helping the individual addict/alcoholic, and the staff has a great passion for the work. I am extremely proud to recommend this treatment center

– Justin C.


Miracles Recovery Center has gone above and beyond to help give new life to a person needing it. Even on a personal level, they have given advice and its genuine. The owner has his own story to tell and owns the good, the bad, and the ugly. He is somewhere at rock bottom who will do everything to bring someone from theirs. I encourage anyone who needs help or if you have a friend/family member. Give yourself or them a gift at life. You aren’t bad, you are human. Don’t become a statistic. Become your own story.

– Jase G.

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