Opiates and the Prison they can Create

Why is this so hard

Today is the 3rd day of waking up, throwing up, and shaking. Sweating through my clothes. I haven’t slept and I’m starting to doubt I can do this. One fix is all I need. This will stop the pain and sickness. But I want to stop. It’s destroyed everything. I haven’t seen my kids for over a year. I’m laying on a dirty mattress that’s covered in sweat stains and who knows what else. But I want this. I want to be free of this. The daily suffering, just to feel normal.

This is the life 100s of thousands of people are going through every day in America.

This is the prison that opiate addiction can create.

Where your freedom is just on the other side of almost a week of crippling sickness. Knowing that just one shot, snort, or freebase will stop all of this. Although it will just restart this process if detox. These self-built prison walls are why so many remain in the grips of opiate addiction.

As you can tell this could be torture. It is. The individual is not only extremely sick with horrible flu-like symptoms including:
Cold Sweats
Skin crawling sensations
and Insomnia
Insomnia can be the reason most will just use again instead of just letting the body detox. When sleep is lost the brain will quite literally eat itself. The urge to just sleep is so overwhelming most will cave in and acquire the very substance that is destroying their lives.

In most of America, it is very difficult to gain access to a medical detox facility without private insurance. This can leave a person that wants to get well completely lost as to how to find help. Florida does provide state-run detox facilities in Lake Worth, Daytona, Orlando, and St. Augustine. Although this is lacking the resources needed to address the state that majorly helped influence the opioid epidemic. Then there is Massachusetts. Massachusetts has developed a network of detoxes, as well as Clinical Stabilization Services and Transitional Stabilization Services. This offers those who seek to get well from opiate and opioid addiction a full course of treatment and even a path to a state-run halfway house that provides food shelter and ongoing therapy while the individual readjusts to living a life clean and sober.

In all reality, it is super important to get out of this prison before your life is taken away from an overdose on opiates. There are free ways to get help and support in your community including 12-step fellowships, SMART recovery meetings, Refuge Recovery, Church, and more.

Our team at Miracles has to become vulnerable daily. We are a close-knit family that needs to be vulnerable with each other when the inevitable issues that can occur in the addiction treatment atmosphere, it can be terribly crushing.



Miracles Recovery Center utilizes a variety of treatment modalities to meet our patient's needs at our Port St. Lucie drug and alcohol rehab. They include:

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