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man conflicted about alcoholism having a drink inside by a window

How Do I Know If I’m An Alcoholic

Alcoholism is much more common in the United States than many people may realize. With a culture that involves having a drink or two after work to unwind, to the binge drinking as a right of passage when someone turns 21, it’s not that surprising that so many...
problem drinker sitting on a couch with a glass of dark liquor

The Differences Between Alcoholism and Problem Drinking

Alcohol is such a big part of our society, that we don’t often think about all of the people that have an issue with problem drinking, who may or may not be alcoholics. When someone says that someone is a “problem drinker”, people will often visualize a disheveled...
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What Are The Long and Short-Term Effects of Alcohol?

Alcohol use is deeply ingrained in American culture and has even become a staple of many national holidays. Memorial Day barbeques and 4th of July celebrations that lack alcohol often take a backseat to those that have full coolers of beer and more. Binge drinking on...
Alcohol and DayQuil: Can You Mix the Two?

Alcohol and DayQuil: Can You Mix the Two?

You probably never thought twice about having an alcoholic beverage while using an over-the-counter daytime cold and flu medication. Why would you? There’s no alcohol in the medicine, right? While that is true, it’s the other ingredients in DayQuil that you need to...

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