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How the Feeling of Powerlessness Impacts Addiction

When we feel powerless, we often turn to addiction as a way to cope. Addiction provides a false sense of control and power, which can be incredibly seductive when we feel like our lives are spiraling out of control.  However, this false sense of power quickly turns...

Denial and Blame Shifting After a Relapse

It's never easy when someone relapses from addiction recovery. Not just for the addict who veered off their path, but for the loved ones of the addict, too. When a relapse happens, it’s important to remember that a relapse is just a bump in the road, not a complete...
man sitting on a bench by a lake thinking after a relapse in addiction recovery

What Does it Mean to Relapse in Addiction Recovery?

Alcohol and drug addiction is a growing problem in the US and every day it affects millions of lives, both those that require addiction treatment as well as those who care about them. Struggling with an addiction is something that creates a considerable feeling of...